grad school

whoa, holy sheet. 

It’s amazing but so much work and so much money. Hope it is #worth

Leaving the office before the long weekend…




Be free little pup!

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oly life

So….we moved to Olympia, settled into our “loft style” apartment, bought most of the furniture at Good Will (Mackelmore, a former Olympia resident, would be proud), got a fat cat off craigslist named Bigby, and ride our road bikes everywhere. I’m training for a ride to Portland with my cohort this October, 145 miles, holy sheet….I hope I don’t die. :P 

I don’t start my grad program for another week…so it has been the longest summer ever. I’m glad we both work, or else I feel we would be going bonkers! We have been exploring the region, several trips to Seattle! :) 

I love it here! Can’t wait to meet more people and continue to explore the area. :) 

"I’m an adult, but not like a real adult"

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Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel came up with the idea for Underwater Dogs when he was trying to photograph a dog named Buster who wouldn’t stop jumping in the pool. His photos soon became the best selling photography book of 2012.











More about Seth

Underwater Dogs book

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North Bay life

Currently have been living in the North Bay (aka north of the Golden Gate bridge) working. My work has a view of Richardson Bay, and my house is a five minute walk to the bay itself. I feel very blessed to be living where I am. Granted there are a lot of aspects I do not like, ($80 for a haircut, ugh! Drove to Petaluma, an hour away, saved %60 percent ;D). 

I live with a middle age couple and another roommate who works at the same .org I work at. Last night my landlord was smoking pot with her son (thought I left that in Humboldt haha!). 

I have seen and done a lot of cool stuff working and living here, but the favorite thing I re-discovered is my passion for yoga! I have groupon hopping different studios (NOT PAYING FULL PRICE FOR THESE CLASSES!) and I have been doing a lot of hot yoga (95+ degrees for an hour) and it feels so good. In combination with eating extremely healthy, having a glass of red wine every other day(anymore and I feel sick, my tolerance is rubbing off :P), and hiking when I’m not in yoga class, I feel physically the healthiest I have ever been. I hope to continue this lifestyle. 

Mentally, I have been on-and-off. I hate spending Monday-Friday (and sometimes weekends) working and staring in front of a computer screen. I feel exhausted once I leave work. I’m happy I am going back to school in the fall, and only working 20 hours at my next job. I don’t mind desk jobs, only if I get go to meetings, travel, etc.. It can be mentally straining to just be on a computer writing and researching grant opportunities. 

I’m excited that in three weeks I’m moving to Olympia with Justin. We have a place WOOOO! and we have over a month to settle in before I start school. I will be working in August, but it will be very different than my previous position and probably a little less…intense. 

Anyways, thats my life. :)